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  1. All Points North 2023

    This is uncomfortable but such a welcome relief. I was sat on a gravelly floor, a couple of meters from my bike, and Piper's, and then a bin - you know the bit of the local convenience store that you tie your pooch to a ring screwed to the wall while you get your messages. The convenience store in question was the Spar in Longtown, just north of Carlisle. I'd just been in, swore under my breath as… continue reading »

  2. Paris Brest Paris 2019

    Spend the whole year building up to something; the idea, the planning, the trepidation. What kit do I need, get the kit, test the kit. Training, qualifying, and learning how your body reacts to it’s first 600k event, it’s second, it’s first dress rehearsal. That’s all in the past now, you’re on your way, you’re carrying what you need, hopefully not too much of what… continue reading »

  3. The road to Paris-Brest-Paris

    Once every four years the big audax rides come round the last Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) was 2015, and London-Edinburgh-London (LEL) 2017. I hadn’t found audax in time for the 2017 LEL but 2019 PBP was something I’d had half an eye on. July last year I tested the waters with Mille Pennies [1, 2, 3, 4] a 1000km event. It was tough as heck, but damn rewarding. I hadn’t been completely… continue reading »

  4. Audaxing 2018

    In 2017 I participated in my first audax event and grew to love them. 2018 I want to explore new roads and routes, and get the distance out ever longer. Here I'm going to post my audax ride notes and odd photos, check my Strava profile for blow-by-blow rides. Forth & Tay 200 5th March - Postponed due to snow. 18th March - Cancelled due to snow. It'll now be run as a DIY event - so I'll pick… continue reading »

  5. Paris Marathon 2018

    Running. I did a bit at school, was ok at the cross country, and enjoyed it a bit - I mean who really enjoys school cross country? Next time I put on a pair of running shoes was when I had the idea of doing a duathlon just over a year ago. It was ok, but I kept picking up a niggle of some description. This winter I entered the same duathlon series, but also a half marathon to get me going in preporation.… continue reading »

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  1. Richard Sanderson with the bridge at Brest in the background
  2. Running kit laid out for the 2018 Paris Marathon
  3. Giant road bike next to the Bealach na Ba road sign at Tornapress
  4. Road bicycle with red bar tape and handlebar bag with route map and notes


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