Facebook I don't love you no more


You wooed me whilst I was at university, all my friends loved you. You brought us closer together, you meant finding people was easy - all important when finding yourself in a new country, around new people and a new life.

You gave a standard format for entering all my interesting(?) details, and finding the same from my friends.

What went wrong Facebook?

You're now a clutter of clashing pages and useless 'applications'. You don't even know who you are any more. I mean either roll out your 'new' persona or keep the old one - at least be consistent!

The power and potential from what I saw in you has since gone; how is something useful to me if I'm the only one I know that uses it? I already know about me…

…and now you know about me, but you seem overly intent on keeping it that way. Why can I not access my information to use on different online services…

Identity and privacy are rare commodities - I only have one identity, but are you really private when I don't own my information anymore? If I wish to give another website, another person, my details that is up to me, not you… you holding my data captive is surly an admission of exactly what you have always strived against. All your privacy and security you so loudly tout is null and void because you, not me, hold the key.

You hold me hostage now Facebook and that's why I don't love you no more.

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