iPhone App Store: is the hype all over?


Right, lets keep this short. I've got an iPhone, its got around 25 apps on it. Until recently I was getting around one update per day. Bug fixes, new features the whole caboodle. The last week or two I've had none… well alright maybe one.

Does this mean the developers consider these apps finished and are starting something new? And if so will we see a new wave of apps in a few weeks time? Are the jumping ship to try Google Android?

Is the app store stagnating? Somewhere I read that the store is about to pass the 10,000 apps marker, and yet I only have the 'top' 25 or 50 to flick through. Categories are fairly useless, and search is only good if you know the app's name. It's fine as a developer if you manage to get on that top 50 screen, but look at the odds. I expect that if you don't reach the 'top' screen you'd be lucky to sell a few dozen apps - hardly worth the hours and $50 Apple registration fee.

Oh and I'm forgetting, the reason I wouldn't do more than look flick through the 'top' list, because most of the apps available are broken, useless or duplicates.

Apple I need something to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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