I'm tempted to say that the whole world has gone mad; but maybe its just me and all of this is *completely normal*...

First there was the virtual bonfire; "A rugby club in Devon is to hold a "virtual bonfire" on Guy Fawkes night amid concerns over the cost of meeting health and safety rules."

The village Christmas party that must advertise that mince pies may contain nuts and suet pastry; and also must regulate the temperature of hot chocolate...

The town (Scarborough) that cannot hold a Christmas lights 'switch-on' because it is too popular... "A Christmas lights switch-on has been cancelled on health and safety grounds because it is too popular."

Really why are we trying to legislate for common sense? We can fall over in the street and get a big fat cheque in compensation, so people naturally are going out, removing themselves from common sense, and basically trying their luck.

Or on the other hand we are so scared that someone possibly could do something *because we didn’t explicitly tell them not to* and fear that such a compensation claim could fall against us; that we are coming up with this mindless rubbish?

If I for example bought a hot drink from a reputable drive through establishment ;D and then drove away, putting this *hot drink* between my legs to stop it going all over the car. Then having to stop suddenly to avoid someone’s uncontrollable little brat running into the road (we're digressing) and spilling the hot drink on myself. I would be too embarrassed to even consider filing a claim against; 1) the child for causing harm and serious shock to many parts of my system(!), or 2) the establishment that sold me the drink because the drink was hot!

Where is the shame that should be bestowed on these outrageous people making these stupid claims, making us - every day working normal every day people - have to abide by stupid health and safety, risk assessment, insurance claim, liability lunacy!

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