Ubiquity: interesting, useful, but...


The other day, over in the twittersphere @ryancarson pointed my attention to something called Ubiquity.

I'm not going to try and describe what it is, not even Wikipedia can do a decent job of it. Check out the video:

Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

Pretty cool huh?

The idea kind of ran and ran in my mind when I finished watching that, the possibilities are pretty huge. I mean imagine being able to port anything, anywhere in a couple of keystrokes.

Ubiquity weather example

Hey this looks great, but when I started playing with it it started to feel all too familiar. It's just a command-line.

Ubiquity map example

Ok, quite a clever command-line, but still just that.

I hate the command-line. They're just so unintuitive. In order to accomplish anything useful you've got to know the dictionary of commands and all of their options. There's no fumbling around tinkering with settings and buttons, mooching and discovering new better ways of interacting with your computer. Its all or nothing, type in the command, hit enter... oh and hope.

If this is the future, I'm disappointed.

But lets hope not, please let someone come up with an interface to retain the purity whilst overcoming the barrier of entry, either that or for the command-line truly embrace the full complexity of language.

Tweet reads: Wow Ubiquity just messed with my head, dont like how much it is like (atm) a command line interface though @ryancarson

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