Finally I've pushed the 'go live' button on the redesign. Well I say redesign… if you were unlucky enough to see any of the previous 'designs' (using that word very loosely) you'd probably say design, and I'd agree.

Anyhow, this is the plan: is my personal site and there'll be no coherence in topics other than the rudimentary, if it's in my head and I'm interested enough to put finger to keyboard, it'll probably be posted. No expectations, no schedule, no fluff… well maybe fluff, but it's gonna be my fluff.

It's my first foray into CSS media queries - go on try it, make the browser window really really narrow - and my first full blown HTML5 effort. So if you're visiting using good ol' Internet Explorer and have Javascript disabled it's your fault things look screwy, not mine :)

The site's built on a custom CMS type thing that I created mostly in notepad, none of the Wordpress sniffle here. Thank. You. Very. Much. I'm thinking of calling it (the CMS) 57red, but that's a story for the future ;)

Comments? Tweet me @mealybar, smoke signals, or homing pigeon, or something :)