Confessions of a podcast junkie


I listen to oodles of podcasts, actually it's approaching the obsessive, but anyway, I thought I'd share my favourites. [If not interested in technology or web des-devlopment skip to 7 Day Sunday, that's all I've got for you :) ]

Tech Weekly logoTech Weekly (iTunes) probably clinches the top spot. If it were a football match Aleks Krotoski (presenter) would have scored the decider in the 96th minute, a bobby-dazzler from the half way line, or something.

Half-arsed analogies aside, Tech Weekly from the Guardian ticks all the right boxes.

Technology news and roundup don't come much better, and as such it doesn't keep it's "unplayed" status on my "iThing" for long.

Sitepoint Podcast logoThe Sitepoint Podcast (iTunes) is a close second, if it was not for that sloppy pass that gave Aleks the ball in the 96th minute… The best episodes of this 'cast are the round table discussions, which usually follow what's happened on the web since the last such episode. Sometimes sadly they're punctuated by interview shows which to be honest are a bit hit and miss in my opinion.

After those two jewels in the crown the following are in no special order.

5by5 Studios logoI could have picked almost anything from 5by5 Studios and it's almost criminal that I didn't pick the lot such is the quality and quantity of excellent stuff that comes from Dan Benjamin. Seriously, do yourself a favour and visit the 5by5 site and stock up on a few shows—I don't listen to all of them, but from the ones I do I know they're all worth listening to!

The Pipeline logoOk. Ok. Here's my pick of them. Firstly The Pipeline (iTunes). Simply the best web/technology interviews there are. Simple. And definitely worth a shout is one of Dan's other shows The Conversation which has several superb episodes that are very similar to The Pipeline.

Build & Analyse logoNow I'm not an "iThing" developer (yet!) but Build & Analyse (iTunes) is a fascinating insight into the intricacies of developing for iOS and the business of selling apps through Apple's App Store. Dan is joined by Marco Arment (of Instapaper and Tumblr fame) and somehow they manage to compellingly entertain while digging through the minutia of iTunes and iOS.

The Talk Show logoLast but not least (for 5by5 in this list) The Talk Show (iTunes), where Dan is accompanied by Daring Fireball's John Gruber. I could (and do) listen to these two talk about almost anything. But mostly I enjoy their take on the latest Apple announcements, product launches or just palin rumours, and regular disection of the web/mobile/computing industry. A case in point that I'll listen to anything by these two; their frequent rambles about Star Wars, James Bond or the Beatles, all of which I normally wouldn't shake a stick at.

Think Vitamin Radio logoThe web conference people Carsonified have a solid podcast called Think Vitamin Radio (iTunes). While I do sometimes have issues with the style of presentation - although I think they are getting better the more episodes they do - the cold hard fact is that this show gets me thinking. And as they say, one thought provoking podcast in the hand is worth two entertaining podcasts in the bush. …what do you mean they don't say that?

7 Day Sunday logoHave a dog? Want your neighbours to think you're as mad as peanut butter in a jam sandwich? 7 Day Sunday (iTunes) is the podcast for you! Download. Press play. An hour of uncontrollable bursts of current affairs-based satirical laughter will ensue. An absolute complete total must.

Boagworld Podcast logoFinally worth a mention is Boagworld (iTunes). Although coming to the end of a 6 month hiatus—and significant changes to the format of the show have been announced—solely based on the previous 216 episodes Boagworld cannot be overlooked. And even if the new format doesn't live up to the older ones the "classic" episodes are still available too (iTunes).

As I said at the start I listen to oodles of these things, literally too many to mention, but these are in my opinion the best. But if you think I'm missing out on an audible bliss please hollar me @mealybar on that there Twitter doflip.

Now go and fill your "iThing" with megabytes of commuting nectar. Go.

Comments? Tweet me @mealybar, smoke signals, or homing pigeon, or something :)