That logo aint for us


In keeping with my tradition of posting three weeks after the main event, and certainly a good period of time after anyone who gives a flying fruitcake has moved on to the next furor… here's my take on the W3C's HTML5 logo.

the W3Cs HTML5 logo

Love or loathe the superman-esque crest, the single thing to grasp is that this logo is not aimed at us, developers.

If you read PPK's blog you will see what I'm getting at.

The web standards approach to app development needs a buzzword to have any chance of appearing on the radar of the decision makers that commission this kind of work.

The buzzword could be FLUFFY KITTENS, it doesn't matter, but having a bluey because it might in some people's eyes redefine the term for a technical specification is short sighted.

Competent developers are more than capable of distinguishing between HTML5 the specification, and HTML5 branded technologies. Everyone else couldn't (and shouldn't) give a monkey's doo-dah.

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