Travel != Convenience - Global Warming


Having just watched the programme on telly kinda prompted to posting my feelings.

I was just looking at travelling to London the other day from St Andrews;
Car - £90 -- fuel only
Train - £119 -- cheapest ticket with a young persons railcard
Coach - £59 -- overnight
Plane - £66 -- easyjet

Which should I choose? I thought of convenience; however what is more inconvenient: 5 hours on the train, or 1 hour flying? £59 on the coach, or being £90 lighter and having to drive 16 hours?

Two criteria of convenience; time and price.

Conclusion: Plane - by far - is the most convenient option, although granted you will probably need to fork out for a taxi or bus/train to get to the airport.

What about the environment?

CO2 emmited
Train - 28kg
Coach - 56kg
Car - 174kg
Plane - 600kg
(figures from

So the train is the most 'convenient' option for the environment; huh the most expensive, and plane the worst. Surely thats a topsy turvy world?!

I just cant my head around that it costs more to get a train, 160+ year old technology, than coordinating a great hulk of metal into and out of the sky, reaching 28,000ft, doing 400mph; and not just costing more, its double the amount!

('!=' is NOT)

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