Concorde in pieces


Dropping Gem at the airport tonight saw us grab a hot chocolate, flicking through the paper that was on the table I spotted an article on Concorde.

Of the twenty that were built, since coming out of service they've gone to various museums and attractions all over the world. Seven in both the United Kingdom and France, one in Germany and Barbados, one was used as spare parts, and the other three are in the US.

Back to the article - which was about the one at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York. You should see it! Abandoned in an airfield since the museum decided they'd rather build a pier to dock some aircraft carrier or other (alright it is the 'Intripid'!). Anyhow, if the Telegraph and the Sun are anything to go by they've crashed a lorry into it which took the nose cone off; the cockpit windows have been smashed, and there is untold wildlife living in - well anywhere they can get into, mostly the engines!

Now I'd love to turn this into bashing the Americans for allowing all this to happen, but no I blame the French. The French that allowed debris to be left on their runway, debris that caused the crash, and grounded Corcorde in the first place.

Mind you (reading just now) it was a Continental Airlines (American) plane that the piece of debris fell off. In fact checking up on Wikipedia it was a piece from a modified McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (an American plane) number 3 engine - a modification that was made in "violation of the manufacturer's rules".

So America it was your fault, and it is again.

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