Big MS 200 ride


I’m riding the Tour of the Highlands in May raising funds for the MS Society. I kicked it all off with a route-art ride in the shape of the letters MS - 103 miles in October. Now I fancy giving a similar route another go, hopefully with a few folk joining me - this time 200 miles.


14th April - We're all good for tomorrow :) Weather looking ok. Due to set off from St Andrews Westport at 5:15am. I will try to tweet progress as phone signal and battery allows!

2nd April - Part 1 of the route has been shortened, and part 4 lengthened. The part 1 double back is now at Collessie rather than Freuchie, and part 4 goes up to Collessie rather than Freuchie. Want to ensure we get round to the final cafe stop before closing time!

The Ride

Saturday 15th April 2017, 200 miles, just over 10,000ft ascent, in the shape of the letters MS, starting and finishing in St Andrews. Cafe stops roughly every 50 miles, I’d love it if anyone wants to join me for any leg of the journey (estimated timings below), or even the whole thing :)

Cycling route in the shape of the letters MS


0 miles - South Street, St Andrews

Depart 5:15am from near the West Port.

Big MS cycling route part 1

  1. South Street, St Andrews
  2. Stratheden Hospital via Cupar on the A91
  3. Guardbridge retrace back
  4. Newburgh via St Michaels and Coarse Brae
  5. Collessie, and retrace back to Newburgh

47 miles - Newburgh

Arrive 8:10am.

Buttercup Cafe - breakfast stop - cafe opens at 8am. Planned stop 40 mins.

Leave not later than 8:50am.

Big MS cycling route part 2

  1. Newburgh
  2. Duncrevie (just after 10am) via Aberargie and Wicks o Baiglie
  3. Retrace back then towards Bridge of Earn and Dunning
  4. Cleish via Dunning Glen, Powmill
  5. Milnathort from Cliesh

99 miles - Milnathort

Arrive 12:05pm.

Heaven Scent - lunch stop - cafe may be busy, garden round the back if the weather is good. Planned stop 40 mins.

Leave not later than 12:45pm.

Big MS cycling route part 3

  1. Milnathort
  2. Ballingry via Cleish and the Hill Road
  3. Up just past Wester Balgedie, and retrace back to Ballingry junction
  4. Markinch via Auchterderran
  5. Ceres via Freuchie, Kettlehill and Craigrothie

146 miles - Ceres

Arrive 3:45pm.

The Villager - afternoon stop - stock up on scones and cake for the final 56 miles. Anyone wishing to join here there is a large car park next to the Fife Folk Museum just around the corner. Planned stop 40 mins.

Leave not later than 4:25pm.

Big MS cycling route part 4

  1. Ceres
  2. Higham Toll before tracing back the route to Freuchie
  3. Up to Collessie before tracracing back to Markinch.
  4. Colinsburgh via Leven and Lower Largo
  5. South Street, St Andrews on the Anstruther road via Ovenstone

202 miles - St Andrews

Arrive 7:55pm.

St Andrews Brewing Company - a well earned pint, and they serve food to 9pm.

Estimated Timings

Sunrise: 6:07am - twilight 5:26am

Sunset: 8:19pm - twilight 9:00pm

@16mph @17mph
Duration Time Duration Time
St Andrews
- South Street
0 0 0h 0m 05:15 0h 0m 05:30
- Buttercup Cafe
47.2 47.2 2h 57m 08:12 2h 47m 08:16
- Heaven Scent
98.8 51.6 6h 51m 12:05 6h 29m 11:58
- The Villager
146.2 47.4 10h 28m 15:43 9h 56m 15:26
St Andrews
- St Andrews Brew Co
202.7 56.5 14h 40m 19:55 13h 55m 19:25
arrival times apart from the first row

Gemma, my better half, will be in the car preparing and meeting us at each stop. She will carry some simple spares like inner tubes and a track pump.

Join me

For the whole thing

You are welcome to join from the start in St Andrews and back round 200 miles later! I'm going to do the ride as a DIY Audax 300km. It is important that I keep as close as possible to the times above - to keep arrangements at the cafe stops - if your pace is faster or slower no problem, hopefully there will be a couple of groups going round :)

For part of the ride between cafe stops

Equally join at Newburgh, Milnathort, Ceres or anywhere else and do part of the ride :)

For coffee, cake, or a celebratory drink at the end

Or rendezvous with us at one of the stops!

If possible please RSVP (Facebook link) - the cafes have asked if I can forewarn them of rough numbers so they can prepare and keep us moving in order to get round in daylight :)

Any questions post them up to the Facebook event page, or catch me on Twitter.


I'm riding this, and the Tour of the Highlands to support the MS Society. I have a close family connection to the disease, and if you are able to donate it would be fantastic.

Comments? Tweet me @mealybar, smoke signals, or homing pigeon, or something :)